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Mokk Glove

Mokk Glove

Introducing Mokk Gloves—engineered for the fearless and the bold. Made from top-tier leather and built to tackle winter's worst, these gloves are your go-to for warmth, durability, and uncompromising adventure. Whether you're scaling peaks or blazing trails, Mokk Gloves are designed to keep you in your element.

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Mokk Mitten

Mokk Mitt

Meet Mokk Mittens—your new adventure companion. Crafted from premium leather and rigorously winter-tested, these mittens are a cozy fortress for your fingers. Designed for the uncompromising adventurer, Mokk Mittens keep your finger family united and warm, even in the harshest conditions.

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Built to last

In order to demonstrate the strength and quality of our gloves, we put them through the demanding conditions of a full winter season. Prior to finalizing our design, we meticulously tested our materials for an entire year to guarantee their durability against all forms of general usage, wear, and tear.

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